Exhaust Repairs / Welding

Exhaust Repairs

Did your exhaust system get damaged from road hazards or an accident? We specialize in exhaust repairs like pipe straightening, hole and leak repair, exhaust hanger repair, exhaust seal replacement and repair, muffler repair and catalytic converter replacement. We'll get your vehicle back on the road for less than a dealership ever could.

Collision Centers / Body Shops

You may not need to replace your client's exhaust system. In most circumstances, we can repair the collision damage that the exhaust system sustained without replacing the vehicles entire exhaust system, saving you hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

Welding / Fabrications

There may be a need for a quick weld that may have come loose. No Problem! Call us and discuss your welding job and we will gladly do it at a fair price. As they say "No job too small!"

Got an idea?

We can help in fabricating your metal frame or pipe bend needs. Simply call us to discuss your fabrication needs.

We carry a wide variety of OBD1 and OBD2 catalytic converters as well as a variety of stock mufflers and performance mufflers to accommodate most makes and models of vehicles, both import and domestic. We are an authorized installer for Magnaflow, Flowmaster, Porter and Coffin performance mufflers. So if you need a simple factory replacement muffler to a performance muffler, we can help!

Our exhaust services include the following:

Catalytic Converters

We Install California Approved Catalytic Converters that's made for your vehicle,  way cheaper than the dealer and best of all, our Catalytic converters usually come with a  50,000 to 70,000 mile warranty. (See warranty card at shop)

What is a Catalytic Converter?

A Catalytic converters is a filtration elements that remove impurities like:

  • HC - Hydrocarbon
  • CO - Carbon Monoxide
  • NOx - Nitrous Oxide


Did you fail SMOG test?

There are several parts of your vehicles exhaust system that could be to blame:

  • catalytic converters
  • oxygen sensors (o2 sensor)
  • mufflers and the exhaust piping in between.

We'll repair the problem with your vehicle and get you back on the road, typically in the same day!

Exhaust Services

Exhaust systems


Is your vehicle's muffler rusted out? We can replace your factory muffler with a stock replacement part much cheaper than a dealership. While we're under your car, we can take the time to point out other areas of your exhaust and smog system that may need to be replaced.

Performance Exhaust Systems

We'll create an exhaust system that fits your vehicle and sound preference. We stock 1 3/4 -4 inch pipe sizes and most major aftermarket muffler manufacturers including Coffin Mufflers, Porter, Flowmaster, Flowpro, Magnaflow & many more.

For added performance, we can build an x-pipe or h-pipe into your exhaust system.

DIY Hotrods / Performance Vehicles

Does your hot rod, performance vehicle or truck need to have it's exhaust system replaced to keep up with the performance modifications you've built into your engine? We can create a custom exhaust system complete with an x-pipe and the mufflers of your choice to give your car the deep, aggressive sound you've been looking for.

Cat-Back Exhaust Systems

Did you purchase an aftermarket cat-back exhaust system online? We can install your system for leak-free performance for years. We also specialize in diesel cat-back exhaust systems from high end manufacturers like Banks, MBRP, Flowpro and Magnaflow.

Exhaust Tips - Chrome, Stainless, Black Polished

In addition to giving your vehicle the sound you want, we can complete your custom look with a set of exhaust tips. Dual exhaust systems look much better with a set of polished stainless exhaust tips and a diesel doesn't have the grunt you want without the right look finishing it off. We have a large selection of sizes and shapes including:

•Angle Cut Exhaust Tips •Double Wall Exhaust Tips •Oval Exhaust Tips •Rolled Edge Exhaust Tips •Round Exhaust Tips •Straight Cut Exhaust Tips